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O, let us exalt our dear Lord and proclaim,
In songs of true gratitude, praise to His name!
As songs of the angels in sweetest accord,
Our thanks and our praises shall rise to the Lord.
-- Zion's Harp # 165

Author Bio Information

Cleator, Alice Jean's bio information

Saturday, December 31, 1870 - Tuesday, April 27, 1926

Born: Jan­u­a­ry 1871, An­dre­as, Isle of Man, Eng­land.

Died: Ap­ril 27, 1926, Cleve­land, Ohio.

Buried: East Clar­i­don Ce­me­te­ry, Clar­i­don, Ohio.

Alice was the daugh­ter of John Clea­tor and Mar­ga­ret Ann Kel­ly.

Her fa­mi­ly ev­ident­ly em­i­grat­ed to Am­er­i­ca in the 1870’s. She was liv­ing in Clar­i­don, Ohio, in 1880, & Geau­ga Coun­ty, Ohio, in 1900, 1910, & 1920.

She taught school in New York Ci­ty, re­tir­ing some time be­fore 1915.

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Again the Gold­en Sun­beams
Are There Any Stand­ing Idle?
Are We Mind­ful of Our Du­ty?
Are You Help­ing Win the Bat­tle?
Are You Loi­ter­ing in the High­way?
As On­ward You Jour­ney on Life’s Rug­ged Way
As Sol­diers We’ve En­list­ed
As the Mo­ments Fall There’s Work
As You Jour­ney Along o’er the High­way of Life
At Hea­ven’s Gate
Awake and Sing
Be a Lit­tle Light for Je­sus
Be a Lit­tle Sun­beam Ev­ery­where You Go
Be a Sol­dier True
Be a Wit­ness for the Mas­ter
Be Hap­py, Sings the Lit­tle Bird
Beautiful Christ­mas Tide
Beautiful Li­lies
Beautiful Star of the Ages
Behold the Sa­vior Si­lent Stand Ere Slain on Cal­va­ry
Behold the Win­ter’s Storm and Blight
Bells To­day Are Ring­ing
Beyond the Hills
Beyond the Sha­dows of the Sink­ing Day
Beyond the Sun­set Gates of Gold
Beyond the Sun­shine and the Rain
Beyond the Win­ter’s Storm and Blight
Bright East­er Is Com­ing
Came an An­gel to Jo­shua
Christian, Haste Ere the Night Be­gin
Christmas Night, The
Come, Thou Who Art Athirst To­day
Come with Thy Bur­den
Daily We Are Sow­ing
Daisies of the Mea­dow
Dare to Be True if the Temp­ter As­sail
Dark Win­ter’s Night Has Flown Away
Day of Days
Do the Du­ty Near­est Ly­ing
Down the Ag­es Afar
Easter Bells
Easter Bells Are Ring­ing Ev­ery­where
Every Day for Je­sus
Every Lov­ing Service
Fling Abroad the Gos­pel Ban­ner
Flowers Are Bloom­ing Ev­ery­where
Flowers of June Are Gleam­ing
Forward, Chris­tian Soldier
Forward, Forward, Chris­tian Sol­diers
Gladly We Wel­come You All Back Again
God Will Not Fail You
Hail the Lord of Glo­ry
Happy Band of Help­ers, A
Happy Christ­mas Snow­flakes
Hark the An­gels’ Song
Hark, the Bells of Joy Are Ring­ing
Hark the Dear Sav­ior’s Knock
Hark, the Glad­ness Ring­ing
Hark, the Tramp of Com­ing Le­gions
Hark, There’s Some­one Knock­ing
Hark, un­to the An­thems Ring­ing
Harvest De­pends on the Seed, The
Harvest Will Sure­ly Come, The
Have You Left the Path of Sin?
Hear Us, Heavenly Fa­ther
Heavenly Fa­ther, as We Bow Be­fore Thee
I Have Called up­on the Sav­ior
I Heard a Knock at My Heart’s Door
If Temp­ta­tion Oft Con­fronts You
If You Have a Heart
In Life’s Gar­den We Are Sow­ing
In the Dim Wood­lands
In the Field, in the Wood
In the Hall of Judg­ment
In the Still Gard­en
In the Val­iant Chris­tian Ar­my
In This World of Dark­ness
It Ne­ver Shall Pass Away
Jesus Be­longs to All
Jesus Is Call­ing You in­to the Fold
Jesus, My Barque Is Frail
Jesus, Sav­ior, Bless Us Now
Joy of All Na­tions
Just a Cup of Cool­ing Wa­ter
Just a Dainty Bas­ket
Just a Day of Ser­vice
Lead Us, Sav­ior
Leading Souls to Je­sus
Learn of Je­sus Ev­ery Day
Learn to Look on the Bright Side
Let the Gos­pel Ban­ner Be Un­furled
Let Us Bring Our Of­fer­ings
Let Us Sing the Song of the Birds on Wing
Lift the Ban­ner of the Cross
Light the Shin­ing Lamp of Love
Lilies Know It’s Spring­time, The
Lilies of East­er, Won­drous­ly Fair
Lilies of the Val­ley, White as Drift­ed Snow
Little Stars of Christ­mas
Lord, We Seek from Thee a Bless­ing
Low at the Throne of Grace We Bow
Marching, Ever On­ward
Merry Bells of East­er
Morning Is Break­ing, The
Never Known to Fail
Not Alone in the Bi­ble
Now En­throned in Glo­ry
O But­ter­cup, Rose, and Li­ly
O Ci­ty of Da­vid
O Dream­ing Hills and Val­leys
O Dream­ing Plain and Ri­ver
O Father, Lead Us Gent­ly
O King of Love
O Lit­tle Shell by the Sea­shore
O Praise the Lord, Ye Hills and Vales
O Ring the Joy­bells O’er and O’er
O Sea­son Sweet When Hill and Vale
O Sol­diers of Christ
O the Book of the Ag­es
O Theme of Mu­sic’s Pag­es
O There’s Light in the Skies
O We Greet with Joy and Song
O Ye Who Are Fight­ing
O Ye Who Walk the Paths of Sin
O’er Song­less Field and Forest
O’er the Lands That Now Are Ly­ing
On the Sum­mer Breez­es
On This Day of Glad­ness
Once a Gold­en Star Blos­somed
One Lit­tle Word for Je­sus
Onward, All Ye Na­tions
Our Father’s Love Is Ov­er All
Out in Sum­mer’s Land of Won­der
Over Ev­ery Land in Dark­ness
Over the Ocean in Si­lence Grows
Praise, O Praise the Lord
Praise of the Hea­ven­ly King, The
Praise the Lord, O Shin­ing Worlds Above
Praise the Lord, Ye Glow­ing Foun­tains
Praise to God Is Ev­ery­where
Precious Sa­cri­fice Is Made, The
Put on Your Roy­al Splen­dors
Return of Sum­mer
Ring the Joy Bells
River and Val­ley, Moun­tains So Grand
Roses Are Bring­ing, The
Roses Smile in Ev­ery Place
Savior, Guide Our Foot­steps
Savior Loved the Child­ren, The
Scatter Shin­ing Sun­beams
Shepherds, The
Since I Came to the Sav­ior for Pardon
Sing and Re­joice
Sing, Lit­tle Bird­ie
Sing, Lit­tle Birds in the Tree Tops
Sing, Sing, Sing, Lit­tle Bird
Sinner, the Time of Sal­va­tion Is Now
Soldiers of the Cross, Be Loy­al
Someone Is Wait­ing for Words You May Say
Someone Spoke a Plea­sant Word
Song of the Birds
Sound, Sound the Bat­tle Cry
South Winds Are Chant­ing a Ca­rol, The
Sow the Seed
Stand Apart with Je­sus
Stand for God and Right
Stream and Vale, Re­joice
Thank You, Thank You
There Are Bur­dens to Be Light­ened
There Are Ma­ny To­day
There Is a Ci­ty That Gleams Afar
There Is Sun­shine for All
There’s a Bless­ing for You
There’s a Call for Vol­un­teers
There’s a Gleam of Light in the Skies
There’s a Place Just for You
There’s a Right and Wrong Side
There’s a Sto­ry Sweet and Old
There’s a Tem­pest Ev­er Rag­ing
Though Life’s Path­way May Lead
Though Migh­ty Hosts of Sin As­sail
Though Oft Thy Pray­ers Seem All in Vain
Though Tem­pest Clouds May Dark­ly Roll
Though the Storms of Life Ap­pall
Though Time Brings Chang­es and De­cay
Though We Are but Child­ren
Though We Cross the Ocean
Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock
To Thee Whose Pow­er No Bounds Can Know
Traveler on Life’s Wind­ing Way
Under the Snow So White and Deep
Victor Now the Sav­ior Stands
We Are Lit­tle Daf­fo­dils
We Hail Thee, Glo­ri­ous Sum­mer
We Wel­come Thee, O Sac­red Day
Welcome, East­er Day
Welcome, O Sum­mer
We’re Lit­tle Ships That Sail Away
What Glad­ness Comes with Shades of Night
What Seed Are You Sow­ing?
When Bur­dens of Life Seem Too Hea­vy
When the Days of Earth Have Their Cours­es Run
When the Icy Chains Are Brok­en
When the Smil­ing Skies of Spring
When the Sum­mer Comes with Its Cloud­less Skies
Where Jesus Dwells There Is Sun­shine
Where Some Path­way in Shadow Is Ly­ing
Who Will Be a Help­er?
Why Are Tree­tops Sway­ing?
Wide Swing the Por­tals of Mer­cy To­day
World Must Be Tak­en for Je­sus, The
Would You at the Har­vest
Would You Be Guid­ed?
Would You Haste To­day?
Would You Scat­ter Blesse­d Sun­shine?
Would Your Hearts Be Filled with Rap­ture?
Wouldst Thou Find Sun­shine?
Ye Lands, Where the Flag of the Lord
You Can Make Your Life

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