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O, let us exalt our dear Lord and proclaim,
In songs of true gratitude, praise to His name!
As songs of the angels in sweetest accord,
Our thanks and our praises shall rise to the Lord.
-- Zion's Harp # 165

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Behold The Lamb Of God

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O, slaughtered Lamb, by whom the seal was broken,
That gave me comfort and eternal cheer!
My faith sends up to yonder Zion's mountain,
A look of longing to Thee, Lamb so dear!
Thou art, O Lamb, now raised on high,
What wonder that my thoughts would ever to Thee fly!

All Satan's host has been by Thee defeated;
Therefore I lack not strength when battles rage;
My freedom from death's bond has been completed;
I know whereto now leads my pilgrimage.
The cross was path to joy for Thee;
Shall not the member with the head united be?

Thou precious Lamb, what great things Thou hast promised!
Words of eternal truth didst Thou declare,
"No wolf shall pluck a sheep out of my bosom;
No foe shall even bend a single hair!"
I count myself among Thy blest;
I know Thy wounds have gained for me eternal rest.

Yet more: "And I, when I shall be uplifted
Above the earth, shall draw all men to Me!"
O blessed word! Let care and pain be lifted
From off my heart, as I flee unto Thee.
O, draw me by Thy love so sweet,
While others choose to follow vain and selfdeceit.

But dare I make such hasty declaration?
Perhaps this is too great a claim for me?
Yea, should I trust my own imagination,
I would not dare so confident to be.
But now I cling in faith to Thee;
And trust that Thou, Almighty One, my strength will be.

O precious Lamb, Thou wilt that we be guided
As Thine own people, by Thy Spirit's call.
The question thus is easily decided,
For I am naught; but Thou art all in all.
O, Truth, grant that I may be true;
O, Love, love me, that I in love be burning too!

My whole salvation then is to Thy credit,
To Thee alone, O, Son of God and man;
My ransom is achieved through Thine own merit;
I take as a free gift the purchased crown.
So this must then conclusive be,
That Thou, my slaughtered Lamb, my all in all shall be.

O Lamb of God, Who bled for my transgression,
And for my guilt on Calv'ry's brow hast trod!
Who could unto such great love give expression?
Who is like Thee, Thou chosen Lamb of God?
As often as my pulses beat,
I lay my life, my blood, my all at Jesus' feet.

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