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O, let us exalt our dear Lord and proclaim,
In songs of true gratitude, praise to His name!
As songs of the angels in sweetest accord,
Our thanks and our praises shall rise to the Lord.
-- Zion's Harp # 165

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Love Toward Jesus

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Midwest Brothers




Alternate Zion's Harp Numbers: 38, 166

Precious Jesus, Thou my portion,
Naught on earth so dear as Thou!
Never can I keep my silence;
Urged by love, to Thee I bow;
Love that draws me, Thee to own;
Love that loves Thee, Lord, alone;
Love by which, to Thee united
Heart and spirit are requited.

In this life one thing is needful,
That we may Thy pleasure seek;
This shall be my constant striving,
Thee, Lord, in my heart to keep.
He who has Thee in this life
Will not faint in fiercest strife.
He can praise Thee, Lord, with gladness,
Tho' the world should rave in madness.

If in trials Thou art near me,
I shall be by Thee consoled,
Though men should seek to destroy me,
Fast to Thee, my God, I'll hold.
I have Thee: That will suffice,
For Thy love all need supplies,
Drawing me from earth to heaven,
Wholly to Thy sweet love given.

Draw me, as Thou wilt, O Saviour;
Give to me Thy holy mind!
Then my heart shall rest forever,
All my troubles left behind,
For the suff'rings of this time
Measure not the joy sublime
That in heaven shall be given
To those who here well have striven.

All this world, its empty pleasures,
These no longer have my love;
They who hold them as their treasures
Void are of the wealth above,
That they who Thine own would be,
Dearest Jesus, find in Thee,
And with those their stand have taken
Who this vain world have forsaken.

So my heart is in Thy heaven;
There my spirit too would be,
For this world, by pleasure driven,
But a Babel is to me.
My true homeland is above;
There I'm drawn by bonds of love
Toward Him who love showers on me,
And who giveth Himself for me!

Jesus, help me then to conquer
Sinful world and carnal mind;
Let my hope in Thee be grounded
And in Thee its anchor find!
May my heart and soul and mind
With Thee, Jesus, be entwined.
"Forward" as my watchword choosing,
All my trust in Thee reposing.

Thou hast been forever faithful;
Jesus, Thou art ever true!
And Thy love is in all sorrow
Sweet, and every morning new,
And at even I find Thee,
Dearest Saviour, still with me;
There I can bring my vexation
To Thee without hesitation.

Lord, Thy tender, loving likeness
Deep into my heart impress!
And that I may fail in nothing,
Give me steadfast watchfulness.
O, direct my heart to Thee.
Govern Thou my tongue in me,
That it speak no other story
But Thy praise, renown, and glory.


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