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O, let us exalt our dear Lord and proclaim,
In songs of true gratitude, praise to His name!
As songs of the angels in sweetest accord,
Our thanks and our praises shall rise to the Lord.
-- Zion's Harp # 165

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Praise Ye The Lord (Z.H. 1)

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Alternate Zion's Harp Numbers: 2, 3, 4

O hallelujah, sing God's praise!
Your harps and voices to Him raise,
His holy name exalting!
Draw near unto His holiness
His might and power to confess,
Sing praises without halting!
Love Him, praise Him all ye nations,
Congregations, honor bringing,
Joyfully the new song singing.

Praise Him, the heaven's mighty host;
Earth, air, and sea His love shall boast,
All who this earth inhabit!
Sun, moon, and stars, yea ev'ry soul
The glory of the Lord extol,
Whose throne is high in heaven!
He loves; He gives all creation
Animation. Light and gladness
Come from Him, the Sun of greatness.

O Zion's children, lift your voice
In glory and in grace rejoice,
Praise Him in congregation!
Let your thanksgiving songs abound;
Proclaim His Word with trumpet sound
In highest exultation!
His Word goes forth in its glory;
Gospel's story, truth will flourish;
And the lies of Satan perish.

Hallelujah! Thy Spirit, Lord,
Reveals itself in Thy good Word;
The morning star has risen,
In brightest splendor now it shines;
And Satan's base and dark designs
Shall soon be cast in prison,
God's Light shines bright in our spirit;
We inherit grace and glory
In His sacred sanctuary.

And now the Spirit of the Lord
Strikes in our hearts the sweetest chord,
Makes music all-enchanting;
We're happy as we live and love;
The Spirit, given from above,
To us His grace is granting.
Wondrous, glorious, sweet and cheering
To our hearing is the singing.
Brethren, rise; your praise be bringing!

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