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O, let us exalt our dear Lord and proclaim,
In songs of true gratitude, praise to His name!
As songs of the angels in sweetest accord,
Our thanks and our praises shall rise to the Lord.
-- Zion's Harp # 165

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The Holy Land

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Midwest Brothers




From the Heft

There is a land exceeding fair,
Where joy and peace remain.
For strife and hate are not found there
And love alone doth reign.

No cares are found within its fold,
No burdens for the heart.
The dark of night hath there no hold
And pain hath there no part.

The only sounds that reach the ear
Are anthems of God's praise.
Oppression, envy and all fear
Can find therein no place.

Rejoicing when we see how each
God's goodness can enjoy,
With pleasures that no blight can reach
Nor sorrow can destroy.

The glory of the Lord will shine
Throughout this Holy land.
Eternal morn, without decline
God's praises will expand.

And weary from this toil and strife
The pilgrim there finds rest,
Throughout that everlasting life
God's holy name be blest.

O land of rest, thou sacred shrine!
When may I thee behold,
And enter through thy ports divine
To glory sill untold.

How happy when relieved we'll be
From toils and cares of mind,
And in that holy land so free
Eternal rest we'll find.

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