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O, let us exalt our dear Lord and proclaim,
In songs of true gratitude, praise to His name!
As songs of the angels in sweetest accord,
Our thanks and our praises shall rise to the Lord.
-- Zion's Harp # 165

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The Penitent's Conflict

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Alternate Zion's Harp Numbers: 40, 189

Forward struggle, e'er contending,
Till the light from God descending,
Shall envelope thee, dear soul!
Throughout all the deepest darkness
Jesus guides thee, and He hearkens
Thee with courage to console.

By thy hand thou shalt be taken;
Though you feel of Him forsaken,
Do not doubt, but God believe!
Strive and labor without ceasing
Till His grace, from sin releasing,
Send thee power and relief.

Soon His countenance will glisten;
Watch and pray and forward hasten!
God will ne'er regret His choice.
Let with zeal thy faith be fired,
God is but with love inspired;
Fear not, soon thou shalt rejoice!

From the world now turn thy vision;
"Forward go" be thy decision,
To God and eternity.
Eye and heart and all affection
Turn in Jesus Christ's direction;
Heav'nly joy He sendeth thee.

Oft' He's saved thee from destruction,
From the wild waves of affliction
With His strong and mighty hand.
If our love is pure and fervent,
There is not a single servant
Whom He will not refuge grant.

Locked within thy chamber's stillness
Pour into His heart the fulness
Of thy sorrow and thy grief.
Though thou canst not feel His nearness,
Canst not pray nor speak with clearness,
Groans and sighs will bring relief.

Though in silence, God will hear thee,
As a Saviour will be near thee;
Have no doubt; He hears you pray!
Just believe Christ intercedeth;
Just believe that all He pleadeth
God will grant without delay!

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