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O, let us exalt our dear Lord and proclaim,
In songs of true gratitude, praise to His name!
As songs of the angels in sweetest accord,
Our thanks and our praises shall rise to the Lord.
-- Zion's Harp # 165

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The Sands Of Time (GH 252)

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Arr. by E. F. Rimbault, 1867 Rutherford. 7. 6. 7. 6. 7. 6. 7. 5. Scripture: Revelation 22:4 Subject: Funerals; The Way of Salvation | The Resurrection and Everlasting Life; Heaven | Anticipated; Life | Brevity of Source: Based upon Samuel Rutherford (1600-1661)

The sands of time are sinking,
The dawn of heaven breaks;
The summer morn I've sighed for,
The fair, sweet morn awakes:
Dark, dark hath been the midnight,
But dayspring is at hand,
And glory, glory dwelleth
In Immanuel's land.

I've wrestled on t'ward heaven,
'Gainst storm and wind and tide,
Now like a weary trav'ler
That leaneth on his guide;
Amid the shades of ev'ning,
While sinks life's ling'ring sand,
I hail the glory dawning
From Immanuel's land.

Deep waters crossed life's pathway,
The hedge of thorns was sharp;
Now these lie all behind me–
O! for a well turned harp!
O, to join the hallelujah
With yon triumphant band!
Who sing where glory dwelleth
In Immanuel's land.

O Christ, He is the fountain,
The deep, sweet well of love!
The streams of earth I've tasted
More deep I'll drink above:
There to an ocean fullness
His mercy doth expand,
And glory, glory dwelleth
In Immanuel's land.

Oh, I am my Beloved's,
And my Beloved's mine!
He brings a poor, vile sinner
Into His "house of wine."
I stand upon His merit,
I know no other stand,
Not e'en where glory dwelleth
In Immanuel's land!

The Bride eyes not her garment,
But her dear Bridegroom's face;
I will not gaze at glory,
But on my King of grace,
Not at the crown He giveth,
But on His pierced Hand;
The Lamb is all the glory
Of Immanuel's land!

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