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O, let us exalt our dear Lord and proclaim,
In songs of true gratitude, praise to His name!
As songs of the angels in sweetest accord,
Our thanks and our praises shall rise to the Lord.
-- Zion's Harp # 165

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The Seven Churches

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Alternate Zion's Harp Numbers: 28, 29, 32, 186

Hark! and earnestly be heeding
What the Spirit thee doth teach;
How the Word, its truth revealing
All the churches doth beseech.
Hark! for God to him is speaking
Who for knowledge pure is seeking.
He discerns each hidden thing
And to light our thoughts doth bring.

He, who seven stars is holding
In His right hand thus does speak:
"Clearly all things I'm beholding,
And my servants' deeds I seek,
What they do, their works comparing,
And where also they are erring;
I judge all things here aright,
Bringing them into the light!

Blest is he who overcometh,
And the first true love maintains,
Who in truth builds firm foundation,
And false teaching doth disdain.
Him with fruit I'll ever nourish
From the tree which there doth flourish,
Which above in paradise
Is prepared by God all-wise."

Thus speaks Jesus, the Beginning,
And the Last, the A and O,
Who from death, as Prince is reigning,
Did arise; He speaketh so:
"I know all your tribulations;
Poverty, strength, works, temptations.
Thou art rich; in patience bear
All reproach; do not despair!

Blest is he who overcometh,
Fleeing not when pain besets;
When in fear and tribulations,
Doth this comfort ne'er forget,
That I will the true and grateful
Give the crown of life, who faithful
Did remain in trials severe;
Second death he need not fear!"

He from whom is now proceeding
The two edged, sharp piercing sword
Speaks: "I know all things, perceiving
Your strong faith kept in accord.
Satan's throne is where thou dwellest;
Therefore see that thou repellest
All who vex my children sore,
And whose teachings I abhor.

Blest is he who overcometh,
Whose brave heart naught can deceive,
Who in time of grace repenteth,
Worldly splendor ne'er receives.
Him with manna I'll be feeding,
And the faithful one providing
With a new white stone of fame,
Where is written his new name."

God's own Son to thee is speaking,
Whose bright eyes as fire do blaze;
"Deeds of heart and hands I'm seeking,
Blest ye battlers rich in grace!
Thou, thy faith and love retaining,
Art in patience e'er enduring;
For thy love doth burn with zeal,
And thy deeds much fruit do yield.

But thou hast to my displeasure
Jezebel who doth mislead,
Who appears as having treasure
Of the true and righteous creed;
But she sadly is deceiving
All my servants who receiving
Aught from her of doctrines vile
Of the world, Which doth defile.

Blest is he who overcometh
And doth teach the statutes pure,
Who resists the fascination
Of the world, which doth allure.
They shall rule in close relation
Then with me o'er all the nations;
Who in deeds now faithful are,
Shall receive the morning star."

Thus says He, Who seven spirits
Has of God and seven stars:
"Where now is thy zeal of merit?
From the goal thou hast gone far.
Thou art dead, without faith living
Who should others strength be giving.
Rise, awake, lose not the strife!
Seek new vigor and new life!

Blest are they who trial enduring
Who do daily here await
For the day in preparation,
Keep their raiment pure in faith,
Who in little proving grateful,
E'er with me, remaining faithful.
Their new names which they attain
In life's book shall e'er remain."

So doth speak the true and holy,
Who the key of David has
Who retains the power solely
O'er the door of life and grace,
"See, before thee I have given
Now an open door to heaven,
For thou hast thy strength preserved
Which though small, and kept my word.

See! to thee I will surrender
Satan's seemingly true band,
Who appear as truth's defender,
But in faith they do not stand;
They shall yet in grave depression
Then acknowledge with confession
That I love and hold thee dear,
Who in faith doth persevere.

Blest is he who overcometh
And his crown doth hold secure,
Who the truth have as their armor
And reproach with joy endure;
They, as pillars in my mansion
There above of great expansion,
Shall then bear my name so true,
In Jerusalem the new."

And the Faithful, Amen, saith,
Refuge and the Witness true:
"Oh, thy works to me are hateful;
From my mouth I will thee spue;
Neither cold or hot, thus living
Art thou me now sadly grieving;
As lukewarm thou dost not burn
In the love for which I yearn.

O that thou wouldst now consider
And in sorrow realize
Thy lamentable condition,
And the blindness of thine eyes;
Yea, thy naked situation
And thy poverty's vexation.
Purchase gold, my treasure bright,
And eyesalve and raiment white."

Blest is he who overcometh,
And the Lord's rebuke so meek
Doth receive in true submission,
When He knocks and entrance seeks.
For our heart He is desiring
To unite with Him. Inspiring
Us, He shows where He doth reign;
Great reward the victor's gain.

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