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O, let us exalt our dear Lord and proclaim,
In songs of true gratitude, praise to His name!
As songs of the angels in sweetest accord,
Our thanks and our praises shall rise to the Lord.
-- Zion's Harp # 165

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The Sermon On The Mount

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Alternate Zion's Harp Numbers: 53, 81, 183, 249
Meter: 8.7..

Come, draw near of ev'ry nation,
Heed the Saviour's loving voice;
Hear the words of consolation,
Make the way of truth your choice!
From His lips is ever heard
His inspiring living word,
His inspiring living word.

Blessed are the poor in spirit
Who, with meek and lowly heart,
Plead now for the Saviour's mercy
For His grace He will impart.
He will hear their pleading voice,
In His kingdom they'll rejoice.
In His kingdom they'll rejoice.

Blest are they who truly sorrow
For the debt of sin they owe;
They shall not become discouraged,
Grace and help He will bestow.
He'll efface sin's debt and grief,
And give solace and relief.
And give solace and relief.

Blessed are the meek and lowly,
Gentle as a lamb and pure,
Pride and wrath forever scorning,
Who in humbleness endure;
On the new earth, glad and free
Their inheritance shall be,
Their inheritance shall be.

Blest are they who thirst and hunger
After truth and righteousness;
For, such real, essential virtues
God will give them to possess.
All whose soul doth long for grace
Shall these precious gifts embrace,
Shall these precious gifts embrace.

Blest are they, who, showing mercy
Without favor, without fear,
All mankind in love embracing,
To the needy ones draw near.
They who merciful remain
Mercy also shall obtain,
Mercy also shall obtain.

Blessed are the pure and spotless,
Who in chastity abide;
In whose heart the Saviour's likeness
Shall be truly glorified.
They shall in yon heav'nly light
See God's countenance so bright,
See God's countenance so bright.

Blessed are the peaceful children
Who in peace live day by day,
And, unlike the godless sinner,
Evil works with good repay.
He who peace and love has taught
Shall be called a child of God,
Shall be called a child of God. ::

Blessed are those who must suffer
For the sake of righteousness;
Through such trials God prepares them
For that home of joy and bliss.
Those who die in Christ the Lord
Find in heaven their reward,
Find in heaven their reward. ::

Blest are you, when people chide you,
Hate you, slander scoffingly;
Lie about you, and deride you: -
"Yours the Kingdom yet shall be."
You shall, in your gracious Lord,
Share the prophets' rich reward,
Share the prophets' rich reward. ::

Blest are all who here reproaches,
Without blame, and scorn must bear,
Patient till the end approaches,
God will then reward them there:
Crowns of righteousness will there
All the patient sufferers wear,
All the patient sufferers wear. ::

But woe to the rich whose fulness
Is their God and their reward;
Hence they shall go empty-handed;
Tears and hunger is their part.
Woe to those who laugh and scorn;
They shall surely weep and mourn,
They shall surely weep and mourn. ::

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