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O, let us exalt our dear Lord and proclaim,
In songs of true gratitude, praise to His name!
As songs of the angels in sweetest accord,
Our thanks and our praises shall rise to the Lord.
-- Zion's Harp # 165

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The Sinner And The Song

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A sinner was wand'ring at eventide,
His tempter was watching close by at his side,
In his heart raged a battle for right against wrong.
But hark! from the church he hears a sweet song:
Jesus, Lover of my soul,
Let me to Thy bosom fly.

He stopped and listened to ev'ry sweet chord,
He remembered the time he once loved the Lord,
Come on! says the tempter come on with the throng,
But hark! from the church again swells the song!
While the nearer waters roll,
While the tempest still is high.

O tempter, depart, I have served thee too long;
I fly to the Savior, He dwells in that song;
O, Lord, can it be that a sinner like me
May find a sweet refuge by coming to Thee?
Other refuge have I none;
Hangs my helpless soul on Thee:
I come, Lord, I come,
Thou'lt forgive the dark past;
And Oh receive my soul at last!

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