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O, let us exalt our dear Lord and proclaim,
In songs of true gratitude, praise to His name!
As songs of the angels in sweetest accord,
Our thanks and our praises shall rise to the Lord.
-- Zion's Harp # 165

Arranger Bio Information

Lillenas, Haldor's bio information

Thursday, November 19, 1885 - Tuesday, August 18, 1959

Born: November 19, 1885, Stord Island (near Bergen), Norway.
Died: August 18, 1959, Aspen, Colorado.
Buried: Floral Hills Cemetery, Kansas City, Missouri.


Virginia Rose Golden
Laverne Gray
Richard Hainsworth
Rev. H. N. Lines
Robert Whitmore
Ferne Winters

Lillenas emigrated to America as a child; his family settled first in South Dakota, then moved to Oregon in 1889. He attended Deets Pacific Bible College in Los Angeles, California (later renamed to Pasadena College); studied music at the Siegel-Myers School of Music in Chicago, Illinois; and received an honorary Doctor of Music degree from Olivet Nazarene College. His first pastorate was in Lompoc, California, in 1910; he later pastored in Redlands, California, and Indianapolis, Indiana. In 1924, he founded the Lillenas Music Company (bought by the Nazarene Publishing Company in 1930), and worked as an editor there until his retirement in 1950.

Haldor married Bertha Mae Wilson, a songwriter like himself. He and Bertha were elders in the Church of the Nazarene. Haldor traveled as an evangelist, then pastored several churches, 1914-1924. In his lifetime, he wrote some 4,000 hymns, and supplied songs for many evangelists. His works include:

Special Sacred Songs, 1919
New Sacred Songs
Strains of Love
Special Sacred Songs No. 2


And Yet There Is Room (© 1928)
Bible Stands, The
Church of God, Awaken
Climbing Up the Hills of God (© 1957)
Come Just as You Are (© 1928)
Don’t Turn Him Away (© 1925)
Dear Old Bible, The
Dusky Hands
Garden of My Heart, The
Glorious Freedom
He Has Called Me by My Name (© 1927)
He Is Mine (© 1929)
He Set Me Free
Higher Than the Mountain (© 1957)
Holy Spirit, God Most Holy (© 1957)
I Have Found a Precious Resting Place
I Know a Name (© 1928)
I Have Settled the Question
I Lost the World (© 1924)
Jesus Will Walk With Me (© 1922)
Leave Your Burden at the Place of Prayer (© 1934)
Lord, I Am Pleading (© 1924)
Loyal and True (© 1930)
More Than a Friend (© 1928)
My Burden Is Gone (© 1923)
My Mother’s Old Bible Is True (© 1929)
My Wonderful Lord (© 1938)
My Wonderful Friend
O My Heart Sings Today (© 1924)
Once I Was Bound by Sin’s Galling Fetters
Peace That Jesus Gives, The (© 1931)
One Day I Traveled a Toilsome Road
Savior Have I, More Precious to Me, A (© 1931)
Soldiers of Immanuel (1919)
Standing on the Word (© 1927)
Surrender to Jesus (© 1953)
Sweeping This Way
Tell the Blessed Story
There’s a Blessed and Triumphant Song
Under the Atoning Blood (© 1918)
When Jesus Whispers, “Peace”
When the Holy Ghost Abides (© 1929)
Why Carry Your Load? (© 1931)
Where They Need No Sun
Wonderful Grace of Jesus
Wonderful Peace
Word of God, The


Church in the Village, The
Count Me
Glory Just to Walk
I’m Abiding in Canaan Land
Jesus Has Lifted Me
Jesus Intercedes for Me (© 1933)
Steady, Brother, Steady



Lillenas, Haldor, composer, author, publisher; b. Bergen, Norway, Nov. 19, 1885. ASCAP 1938. To U.S. 1887. Educ.: elementary schools Oregon; four-year course in chemistry and chemical analysis, private tutors; Deets Pacific Bible College, Los Angeles; voice at Lyric School of Music, Los Angeles; with Daniel Protheroe and Adolph Rosenbecker. Honorary degree Doctor of Music, Olivet Nazarene Coll., Kankakee, 111. Elder, Church of the Nazarene 1912; pastor fifteen years; singing evangelist ten years. Member Eugene Field Literary Society Headquarters, St. Louis. At present music editor of own music publishing house, and also of another music publishing house. Songs: "Wonderful Grace of Jesus"; "It Is Glory Just to Walk with Him"; "Jesus Will Walk with Me"; "How Can I Be Lonely?"; "Jesus Has Lifted Me"; "Wonderful Peace"; "Where They Need No Sun"; "The Garden of My Heart"; "Peace that My Saviour Has Given"; "The Theme of My Song"; "I Know a Name"; "I Have Settled the Question"; and more than three thousand other numbers including

many cantatas for Easter and Christmas, Special Day services and editor and compiler of over fifty song books for church and Sunday school. Home: Lee Summit, Mo. Address: c/o ASCAP.


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