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O, let us exalt our dear Lord and proclaim,
In songs of true gratitude, praise to His name!
As songs of the angels in sweetest accord,
Our thanks and our praises shall rise to the Lord.
-- Zion's Harp # 165

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A Prayer Of Thanks (RLS) Mixed (SATB) A Prayer of Thanks Mixed (SATB) A Wedding Prayer Mixed (SATB) A Wedding Prelude Mixed (SATB) A Work Of Faith, A Labor Of Love Mixed (SATB) All Things Through Christ Mixed (SATB) All Things Work For Good Mixed (SATB) Amazing Grace Mixed (SATB) Amazing Grace Barbershop (Men's) Ambassador for Christ Mixed (SATB) An Evening Hymn Mixed (SATB) Angels and Shepherds Rejoice Mixed (SATB) At the Sound of the Trumpet Mixed (SATB) Before Thy Throne of Grace Mixed (SATB) Behold a New Star Mixed (SATB) Christ is Born Mixed (SATB) Come to The Manger (And See Him Lay) Mixed (SATB) Come, O Come To Me Mixed (SATB) Dare To Stand Like Joshua Mixed (SATB) Daughter Of Zion, Awake (Smart) Mixed (SATB) Deeper Yet Mixed (SATB) Envy Mixed (SATB) Eternal City Mixed (SATB) Eternal Praise Mixed (SATB) Evening Praise Mixed (SATB) Every Hour of the Day Mixed (SATB) Faith Mixed (SATB) For He's The Good Shepherd Mixed (SATB) From God's Eyes Mixed (SATB) Gathering Buds Mixed (SATB) Gideon Mixed (SATB) God's Blessings Be Upon You Mixed (SATB) God's Family Mixed (SATB) God's Miracle of Love Mixed (SATB) God's Praise Mixed (SATB) Great God Of Wonders Mixed (SATB) Hand in Hand with Jesus Mixed (SATB) Happiness Mixed (SATB) Have You Any Room For Jesus Mixed (SATB) He's Coming Again Mixed (SATB) His Loving Call Mixed (SATB) His Mighty Word Mixed (SATB) His Name is Jesus Mixed (SATB) His Way for Me Mixed (SATB) How Can I Be Lonely Mixed (SATB) How Firm A Foundation, Ye Saints Mixed (SATB) How Precious Is The Book Divine Mixed (SATB) How Tedious And Tasteless The Hours Mixed (SATB) I Am Praying For You Mixed (SATB) I Believe Mixed (SATB) I Cannot Tell How Precious Mixed (SATB) I Have Seen with My Eyes Mixed (SATB) I See Jesus Mixed (SATB) I Will Call on the Lord Mixed (SATB) I'm a Soldier of the Cross Mixed (SATB) If I Cannot Mixed (SATB) In Times of Distress Mixed (SATB) Jesus Only Mixed (SATB) Jesus Wept Mixed (SATB) Jesus, My Life and Light Mixed (SATB) Jesus, Thy Blood And Righteousness Mixed (SATB) Joy of all Joys Mixed (SATB) Lead Me, Lord Mixed (SATB) Let All Together Praise Our God Mixed (SATB) Let Us Praise Our God Mixed (SATB) Lord, Dismiss Us Mixed (SATB) Lord, Hold My Hand Mixed (SATB) Lord, Take My Hand Mixed (SATB) Majestic Sweetness Sits Enthroned Mixed (SATB) Marching to Zion Mixed (SATB) Marriage Benediction Mixed (SATB) My Friend Jesus Mixed (SATB) My Grace is Sufficient Mixed (SATB) Never Shone A Light So Fair Mixed (SATB) Now Choose You This Day Mixed (SATB) O Lord, Yes I Believe Mixed (SATB) O Man of God Mixed (SATB) O Thou, Enthroned Mixed (SATB) O Wonderful Love Mixed (SATB) Our Comforter Mixed (SATB) Our Creator Mixed (SATB) Our Heritage of Faith Mixed (SATB) Our Noble Lord Mixed (SATB) Prayer For Divine Help Mixed (SATB) Redeemed Mixed (SATB) Redeemer Divine Mixed (SATB) Reverent Gratitude Mixed (SATB) Rise Up - Go Tell It (Medley) Mixed (SATB) Rise Up, Shepherd, And Follow Mixed (SATB) Safely Home Mixed (SATB) Speak, Lord, In The Stillness Mixed (SATB) Spirit of Truth, O Let Me Know Mixed (SATB) Stretch Forth Thy Hand Mixed (SATB) Sweet Is The Bliss Of Souls Serene Mixed (SATB) The Armor of God Mixed (SATB) The Family That Prays Mixed (SATB) The Golden Harvest Mixed (SATB) The Heavens Are Praising Mixed (SATB) The Home Of The Soul Mixed (SATB) The Home Of The Soul (Descant) Mixed (SATB) The Living God Mixed (SATB) The Lord Bless Thee Mixed (SATB) The Master Calls For Reapers Mixed (SATB) The Morning Star Mixed (SATB) The Resurrection Mixed (SATB) The Rising Day Mixed (SATB) The Sands Of Time (GH #252) Mixed (SATB) The Ship Of Faith Mixed (SATB) The Spiritual Life Mixed (SATB) The Traveler's Hymn Mixed (SATB) There Is A Green Hill Far Away Mixed (SATB) This Lord Is My King Mixed (SATB) Thy Praise We Sing Mixed (SATB) Thy Will Be Done Mixed (SATB) Til We Meet Mixed (SATB) Until We Know Why Mixed (SATB) We Worship Thee, O God Mixed (SATB) What Matters Most Mixed (SATB) When On Her Maker's Bosom Mixed (SATB) Who But God Mixed (SATB) Wise Men Seeking Jesus Mixed (SATB)

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